Understanding the Different Types of Commercial Roof Coatings for Business Owners

Commercial Roof Coatings1

As a Baltimore County, MD, business owner, safeguarding your premises with the appropriate roof coatings is crucial. Here at CD Beiler Construction, we’re at your service to clarify the various protective coatings that fit your building’s needs. The correct coating choice is not just about immediate benefits; it’s an investment that offers long-term savings and security. For a detailed conversation about your roofing requirements, contact us at 717-747-4037.

The Variety of Roof Coatings

There’s a whole world of roof coatings out there, each with its own set of benefits. Here’s a quick rundown of what you might consider for your commercial building:

Water-Based Acrylics

These are popular for their sun-reflecting abilities. They’re a smart pick if you’re looking to cut down on cooling costs. They’re not the toughest against heavy rain but do wonders under the bright sun.

Tough Silicone

Commercial Roof Coatings

When it rains and pours, silicone coatings stand strong. They shrug off water and don’t mind when temperatures go up and down. If your area sees a lot of wet weather, silicone’s a solid bet.

Hardy Polyurethanes

Two types are on offer here. The base layer type handles the rough stuff well, and the topcoat type keeps UV rays at bay. They team up to give you a roof ready for almost anything.

Asphalt-Based Options

If you’ve got an asphalt roof and you’re watching your budget, these coatings can be a match. They add a waterproof layer and breathe new life into older roofs.

Heat-Reflecting Aluminum

Mixing rubber with aluminum gives you a coating that bounces heat away. It’s like giving your building a pair of cool sunglasses for those hot summer days.

Flexible Polymer-Modified

Think of these as the stretchy material of roof coatings. They move with your roof, resisting cracks and damage from flying debris. Flexible polymer-modified roofs are particularly beneficial for industries that require durable and versatile roofing solutions, such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, storage facilities, etc.

Picking What’s Right for You

Your choice will depend on your local weather, the kind of roof you have, and what your business operations are like. We at CD Beiler Construction can help you make a choice that fits like a glove.

Here at CD Beiler Construction in Baltimore County, MD, we believe that a great roof coating is key to a thriving business. With the right roof coating, your property stays safe, energy costs can drop, and your roof might just last longer than you thought possible. Get the conversation started by calling us at 717-747-4037, and let’s make sure your business is covered in the best way.