Cool Roof Coatings and Why You Should Invest In One

Cool roof coatings save energy and minimize heat absorption. Solar-reflecting pigments, chemicals, or compounds reduce heat transfer in these coatings. A cool roof coating aims to increase solar reflectance and heat emittance. Cool roof coatings by CD Beiler in Hanover, Pennsylvania reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than standard roofing materials, lowering rooftop temperatures and heat transfer into the structure below. Call us at 717-747-4037 for a free quote.

Cool Roof Coatings – what are the benefits?

Cool Roof Coatings1

Cool roofs benefit commercial and residential structures. Heat and sunlight are reflected, saving power and AC. Roofs can crack due to temperature changes, however, reflective characteristics prolong life.

Cool roof coatings emphasize sustainability. These coatings reduce electricity consumption and the accompanying greenhouse gas emissions by reducing cooling energy. Dark surfaces absorb heat and raise temperatures in densely inhabited places. Surfaces that reflect reduce urban heat islands. They can improve city air quality and comfort.

Cool coatings bolster roofs. They damage roofs by blocking UV. Protection lowers roof repairs and replacements. This coating works on metal, asphalt, and single-ply membrane roofs, making it versatile.

Cool roof coatings save electricity and are environmentally good. Many programs suggest cool roofs save energy and the environment. Building owners can receive energy-saving design and operation incentives for sustainable cool roof coverings.

Who Needs a Cool Roof Coating?

Cool Roof Coatings

Cool roof coatings are ideal for buildings in hot summer climes or strong solar radiation, as well as those with specified features. The following elements make a building excellent for a cool roof coating:

  • Hot Climate: Cool roof coatings are appropriate for buildings in hot climates where temperatures often exceed comfort standards. These coatings lower interior temperatures and minimize air conditioning needs, saving energy, and improving comfort.
  • Sunshine Lit Buildings: Cool roof coverings work well in buildings with plenty of direct sunshine and solar radiation. These coverings reflect sunlight and reduce roof heat accumulation, limiting heat transmission into the structure.
  • Flat Roof Buildings: Commercial buildings, warehouses, and industrial facilities with flat or low-slope roofs benefit from cool roof coatings. Without insulation and reflectivity, these roofs absorb more heat than steep-slope roofs and may overheat.
  • Air-conditioned buildings: Air-conditioned buildings benefit from cool roof coatings. These coatings may minimize cooling loads, energy consumption, and interior comfort by decreasing heat absorption and indoor temperatures.
  • Environmental Considerations: Cool roof coverings may aid urban buildings with environmental issues like the urban heat island effect or air pollution. These coatings may minimize heat accumulation, energy use, and air quality in highly populated places.

Climate, roof type, building use, and environmental variables determine whether a building can have a cool roof coating. A skilled roofing specialist at CD Beiler can help you decide whether a cool roof coating is suited for your building and choose the best product and installation procedure.


To conclude, cool roof coatings are essential if you are living in warm temperatures such as Hanover, Pennsylvania. To have a comfortable summer, without putting a load on your electricity bills, call our professional team at CD Beiler at 717-747-4037 today to learn more and get your cool roof coating estimate today!