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As a business owner or property manager, it is crucial to be proactive in identifying potential issues with your commercial roof before they require costly and time-consuming repairs. This is why you should partner with a reputable commercial company, like the team at CD Beiler Construction in Lancaster County, PA. Our professional roof inspection services will ensure your roof remains in top condition. Call us today at 717-747-4037, and our team of experts will be ready to help you!

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When to Schedule Your Inspection


Your roof’s age will be a major factor when deciding between general repairs and a replacement. Depending on the material used, a typical commercial roof will last for 20-30 years. You should schedule an inspection if your roof is nearing this point.

We highly recommend scheduling two inspections a year to detect any issues in a timely manner. We also recommend promptly performing any necessary repairs.

Sagging or Uneven Roof

If your roof is sagging or is uneven, this could be a sign of a structural problem that requires immediate attention. A sagging roof is often caused by weakening materials or by additional weight that the materials were not meant to support. If not addressed quickly, this could cause major damage to your building, equipment, or your belongings inside.

Water Damage or Leaks

One of the most common issues that roofs encounter is water damage and leaks. If you see any brown stains on your ceiling or walls, it could indicate that your roof is leaking or has developed a leak. Leaks can occur due to damage to the roofing material, blocked gutters, or downspouts. Schedule your inspection without delay!

Damaged Roofing System

If you see evidence of damage, such as cracks, bubbling, seam separation, or any other visible defects, you should immediately schedule an inspection to determine the extent of the damage and apply the necessary repairs before the situation worsens.

Severe Weather Event

Severe weather can damage your roof past the point of repair. Even if the damage is minor, a professional inspection is necessary to ensure all issues are addressed.

Roof Inspection

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Roof inspections are crucial to maintain the integrity of your building and ensure the safety of its occupants. Contact the expert team at CD Beiler Construction in Lancaster County, PA, to schedule your inspection. We will give you the solutions you need. Call us today at 717-747-4037!