Metal Roof Restoration – Hanover, PA

Metal Roof Restoration1

Restoring a metal roof increases its quality, longevity, and performance. This repair involves cleaning, mending, priming, and painting metal to address corrosion, rust, leaks, and weathering. Restoration projects employ metal roof coatings for waterproofing, UV protection, and reflective properties to save energy and maintenance. Metal roof restoration is a cost-effective way for building owners to prolong the life of their metal roofing systems without replacing them. Contact CD Beiler in Hanover, Pennsylvania at 717-747-4037 to learn more!


A cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to extend the life of your metal roof is restoration. First, rust, corrosion, and leak repairs can prolong metal roof life. By blocking moisture, UV radiation, and other harmful substances, restoration avoids structural damage.

Roof replacement is less eco-friendly than metal roof restoration. Restoring the roof and applying reflective coating reduces cooling costs, energy use, and landfill waste. This reflective coating cools hot rooms and reduces HVAC demand by reflecting sunlight.

Restoration can also update your metal roof. The coating color and finish can fit your building’s style and surroundings. This increases curb appeal, value, and investment protection. Metal roof rehabilitation is faster and easier than roof replacement, minimizing corporate disruption. Property owners who want to save money, extend roof life, and lessen their environmental impact should consider metal roof restoration.

Stages of Restoration

Metal Roof Restoration

These are several stages in metal roof restoration:

  • Assessment: First, inspect the metal roof for corrosion, rust, leaks, and damage. A comprehensive roof surface, seams, fasteners, and flashing check may be required. After the examination, the roof is cleaned and stripped of debris, grime, rust, and coatings that might hinder repair.
  • Repair: Metal roof damage or corrosion is fixed or replaced. A waterproof seal may require mending holes, replacing corroded panels or fasteners, and repairing seams, joints, or flashings.
  • Priming: After cleaning and drying the roof, a primer promotes adhesion and corrosion resistance. Primers attach restorative coatings to metal surfaces and prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Coating Application: Restoration coatings are applied to metal roofs after primer drying.
  • Last Check: A final examination ensures that the metal roof has been fully repaired and that all repairs and coatings have been placed appropriately. The repaired roof is checked for quality and integrity with any required touch-ups.


To conclude, metal roof restoration should not be ignored. We highly recommend getting your roof in Hanover, Pennsylvania inspected frequently, to prevent larger damage in the future. Call our team at CD Beiler today on 717-747-4037.