Liquid Applied Roof System – Hanover, PA

A liquid applied roof system creates a seamless, waterproof membrane by applying liquid components directly to the roof substrate. This technology uses numerous layers of liquid coatings to build a durable roof barrier. Such flexibility and durability make it an ideal choice for residents of Hanover, Pennsylvania. Call our team today at CD Beiler at 717-747-4037 to learn more!

Why liquid applied roof system?

Liquid Applied Roof System

On flat or low-sloped roofs, liquid-applied roof solutions have several benefits:

  • Seamless Protection: Liquid materials adhere to roof curves to produce a seamless barrier that resists leaks.
  • Flexible: Liquid-applied membranes are flexible and can endure temperature fluctuations, decreasing the danger of cracking and degradation.
  • Reflectivity: Reflective liquid coatings minimize heat absorption and building cooling expenses.
  • Maintenance: Liquid-applied roof systems may be spot-repaired or recoated to prolong their lifetime.
  • Sustainable: Many liquid coatings are low VOC and ecologically benign, making them a sustainable roofing

Fluid-applied roof solutions waterproof and protect flat or low-sloped roofs with smooth application, flexibility, and simplicity of maintenance.

Ideal candidates for liquid applied roof system

Liquid Applied Roof System1

Ideal situations where a liquid-applied roof system may work:

  • Penetrated Buildings: Buildings with many rooftop penetrations like vents, pipelines, or HVAC units might benefit from a liquid-applied roof solution. A seamless, waterproof barrier may be simply applied around these penetrations using liquid materials.
  • Roofs having unusual shapes: Traditional roofing materials may not waterproof flat or low-sloped roofs with complicated patterns, several levels, or irregular forms. Fluid-applied roof solutions are ideal for such applications because of their flexibility and conformability.
  • Old Roofs: Liquid-applied roof treatments may repair and prolong the life of old or deteriorated roofing membranes at a low cost. They may be put directly over roof materials, saving money on tear-off and replacement.
  • Green Roof Installations: Liquid-applied roof solutions provide a waterproof covering and enable plants and drainage systems on the roof.
  • Limited Access: Liquid-applied roof solutions are lightweight and may assist buildings with limited roof access or loading capabilities. They may be administered without disturbance or large equipment.

A liquid-applied roof system is best for a flat or low-sloped roof that needs a smooth, flexible, and lasting waterproofing solution, especially when standard roofing materials are impractical or expensive.


Overall, a liquid applied roof system is very well-suited as a long-lasting solution while being economical. For a smooth installation process, contact our team at CD Beiler in Hanover, Pennsylvania at 717-747-4037 to get a free quote and a detailed estimate on how we can assist!