The CD Beiler Construction Story

“We all grew up learning the values of integrity, honesty, hard work and treating people fairly,” says Christ Beiler, founder of CD Beiler Construction. “Growing up with 3 sisters and 6 brothers on the family’s 90-acre, 45-cow dairy, Dad did a fantastic job teaching us to do the best job we could, always. Never a dull moment in our family, we were always learning new things.”

Brothers Leroy and Aaron add, “Dad was always telling us things like – there is no right way to do anything wrong” and “if you always do it right the first time, you don’t have to worry about doing it over, disappointing a customer, or having to make excuses for low quality work”.

It is easy for the Beiler sons to remember the value of growing up in their small Amish community and the importance of their Christian values, which they consistently emphasize in all their business communications and agreements today.

Christ started working on a carpentry crew in 2007 and really enjoyed his job. In 2015 he started his own construction crew that provided roofing, siding, and deck solutions to customers in the area. The company has grown significantly and continues to focus on providing great service and value, while building strong relationships with every client.

Leroy joined the team in 2017 and became a foreman with the company in 2019. When time permits, Leroy likes to hunt and do creative woodworking projects with reclaimed lumber. He enjoys his small farm and raises beef and other animals.

Aaron’s construction career started at a very young age, helping his dad build pole barns and doing remodeling around the farm. He started working in the business with his brothers in 2016, and advanced to a foreman position in 2018. Aaron became part owner of the company in April of 2021. He loves reading and collecting books on leadership and personal development. When given the chance he can be found hiking, hunting, playing volleyball, softball, and other recreational sports.

Today, all the sons make it a top priority to continue building the family legacy started by their parents, and in particular their father’s leadership skills and drive for high quality products and services. Implementing these core values learned while growing up are the foundation of our company structure and we practice them in every transaction with each client.

What we offer you today are all these important values and principles discussed above, along with products that go above and beyond to give your roof longevity and functionality. Removing your worries and frustrations is key, and we solve your roof issues with skill and top of the line craftsmanship.

It would be a pleasure to have the opportunity to earn your trust and work with you into the future.